hi, i'm Peter Melan

I have been a consultant for twenty years, specifically working with data and helping organizations become better.  My experience has become increasingly specialized as a result of being involved in government. Therefore, I can focus on solving complex problems by utilizing data and painting a picture for everyone to understand.

Currently, I serve the residents of Easton, PA, as an elected member of the city council. I am able to see how organizations report on numbers and not explain the associated issues.   Above all, I have taken great attention to understanding a problem and working through the details to present different solutions. With two decades of experience in data and programming, there are no walls to helping your organization solve problems.

I also felt that a bachelor’s degree in management from Moravian College was not enough. My work history in the private sector was missing a critical piece. Receiving a master’s degree in Public Administration at Ohio University brought me a new outlook in government. I understand clearly how my graduate classes play a role in solving complex problems. However, one important lesson I learned during the master’s program was a desire to research topics and present a solution. Solutions that make sense are important to everyone. There are many times where, although the problem seemed easy, the solution was impossible to use. Similarly, in public administration, there is sometimes a lack of staff or not enough money to hire someone to help with difficult issues. 

Peter Melan - Public Administration

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Policy Analysis for Leadership and Public Affairs

Leadership and Public Value

Outcomes in the Public Sector

Research Methods in Leadership and Public Affairs

Public Private Partnerships

Grant Writing

Program Evaluation

Organizational Leadership